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Our communities must be safe, have access to quality healthcare and conditions to be physically healthy and mentally well. 



Our communities must be secure and create personal and business opportunities that extend beyond fulfilling our basic needs. 



Our communities must address the issues of today as we prepare for long-term success and prosperity.

"I will work to serve all Clearfield County citizens without prejudice."  

Stretched across Clearfield County are many towns with unique personalities and goals. These rural communities are not defined by the boundaries of a single town. Some encompass multiple boroughs and vast areas of countryside and all have similar characteristics, but they are not the same.


In fact, on average, today’s rural communities differ more from each other than do those in urban areas.  Our communities are facing a variety of issues. All of these differences between communities means a simple “one size fits all” approach to solving problems will not be effective.  


Two major issues are defined by our community’s current phase of growth. Rural communities are either facing:  a phase of decline, such as loss of  industry or farming, which results in dwindling populations that struggle to support a community; or a phase of growth, which results in a need to protect the surrounding environment and preserve the local culture.

Positioning a community for a viable future does not mean just solving complex problems and planning for successful social change; it also means aspects such as increasing individual well-being, motivating community members towards developing social capital, and sustaining a community’s unique culture.

The future of our rural communities in Clearfield County Pennsylvania will rely on the action of local leaders who can work together for the greater good. 

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