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"...there are incentives the community can offer to increase our own economic vitality. "


It can be difficult for rural communities to compete, but there are incentives that a County can offer to increase their economic vitality, and bring new businesses and industry into the area. We need to start using these incentives to boost the appeal of our County to these developing industries through several actions:

1. Focus around marketing transportation hubs and rail connections near Interstate 80, Route 322, and other highways to prospective developers of commercial, residential, and industrial opportunities.

2. Develop one or more "Business Incubator" type facilities, which can provide an entrepreneurial ecosystem for businesses and workforces to access resources, support and technology instruction, while having a brick and mortar space to expand their business if applicable.


3. Work with State Officials and broadband service providers to come to an equitable solution to our rural broadband needs, while ensuring a cost effective way for our residents to have access to our global knowledge.


4. Identify public transportation needs, enhance equity and access in under-served communities, and increase funding to shuttle services to better serve industrial parks & local business areas, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities.  

5. Provide tax incentives to small businesses to encourage creation and or movement of new opportunities within the County

6. Work with relevant organizations to encourage and enhance training in expanding industries, with a focus on alternative energy, advanced manufacturing, cannabis, tourism, hospitality, and film. 

7. Work to define the relationship between the County government and the current economic development organization, ensuring that the taxpayer monies being provided to them are used for projects benefiting County economic development.

8.  Create an inventory and marketing plan for “shovel-ready” properties in order to analyze and support sites for development and prospective industries.

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