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"Our environment shapes us in every way...impacting us today and for the future."

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As county policymakers, we must have environmentalists and conservation groups engage with remote, rural communities when developing policies that could affect them.   We can accomplish this in several ways:


Working with trusted messengers, such as farmers, and cooperative extension services, to convey information about environmental policies to local stakeholders.


Providing opportunities to address environmental policy priorities in a way that is compatible with rural economies.


​Offering a substantial recycling program to county residents.


Working with local government and private organizations to implement meaningful preservation and protection measures of our green areas, community parks, and historical sites.


​Establishing working relationships with organizations overseeing land use policy to create best practices and approaches to agricultural, residential, industrial, mining, and recreational uses within the County.

A national poll conducted in 2020 by Duke University indicated that 71% of rural voters said the environment and conservation were important to them personally. 

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