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"Every resident of the County has a right to safe and affordable housing"

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Everyone should be afforded the ability to have a safe and affordable housing arrangement. Whether that be home ownership or renting an apartment, one of the biggest setbacks is a lack of choice in properties when pursuing a housing arrangement.


I propose we move forward with a Land Bank which is a blight remediation tool. The Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania defines a Land bank as a “governmental entity whose mission is to convert vacant, abandoned, and tax-delinquent properties to productive use.” Through this process we can remediate blight, remove tax delinquency, build productive use structures, and sell them to private individuals for a gain, to then put those funds toward future remediation projects. 

Housing First is a homeless assistance approach that prioritizes providing permanent housing to people experiencing homelessness, thus ending their homelessness and serving as a platform from which they can pursue personal goals and improve their quality of life. Through a landbank and working with the National Alliance to End Homelessness as well as the PA Department of Human Services, we can make Clearfield County a safe, livable place for everyone.

Experts have warned of the need for “record-level building” in Pennsylvania. By significantly improving housing availability and improving tax usefulness, there will be positive impacts on health and wellbeing.

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