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County Commissioner

"Every resident of the county should have an advocate in the County Commissioner’s office"


County Commissioners play a vital role in our community, allocating a $40+ million budget, covering everything from public health and safety to housing, elections, and protecting our environment. As your County Commissioner, I will put your tax dollars to use making a


The elected officials who serve alongside the three County Commissioners are the Sheriff, District Attorney, Controller, Treasurer, Prothonotary, Coroner, Register & Recorder and the courts.  The County Commissioners set the budget for each of those elected officials and their departments.  As such, there is a call for a strong relationship and a deep understanding of the challenges facing each of those elected officials. 


​First, I must seek to understand.  The first several months is all about learning.  Each of the elected officials, department heads, Board leaders and staff members have concerns and want to be heard.  Spending time hearing them, asking questions, and understanding their issues would be the first priority.

Next, I will look at 2024 and beyond.  The next step would be to put a group together to figure out what we collectively want Clearfield County to look like in 3,5 and 10 years from now.  It’s important to understand the opportunities, strengths and weaknesses, and the threats to our long-term growth and well-being.  Creating a collective VISION would be step 2.

Next, I will manage the budget.  The role of the County Commissioner is not to micro-manage each department.  Rather, it is to provide the financial and other resources - tools, training, etc., for those who are to execute the plan.  It is to hold accountable those who work directly for the Commissioners and to use the budget to help establish priorities for the entirety of the County Government. 

Lastly, and most importantly, it is to have an open line of communication with those we serve.  The residents, the business owners, everyone should feel like they have an advocate in the County Commissioner’s office. 

As your County Commissioner I will listen first, create a long-term vision, manage government to reach that vision, and advocate for the residents of Clearfield County.  

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